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NT Letters Feed

Published / by Brian

NT Letters Feed

3-5 Chapters Each Day

During the Month of May

Feed Your Soul!

01 [] Romans 1-4                    17 [] Colossians 1-4

02 [] Romans 5-8                    18 [] I Thess. 1-5

03 [] Romans 9-12                  19 [] II Thess. 1-3

04 [] Romans 13-16                20 [] I Timothy 1-3

05 [] I Corinth 1-4                   21 [] I Timothy 4-6

06 [] I Corinth 5-8                   22 [] II Timothy 1-4

07 [] I Corinth 9-12                 23 [] Titus/Philemon

08 [] I Corinth 13-16               24 [] Hebrews 1-4

09 [] II Corinth 1-5                  25 [] Hebrews 5-7

10 [] II Corinth 6-9                  26 [] Hebrews 8-10

11 [] II Corinth 10-13              27 [] Hebrews 11-13

12 [] Galatians 1-3                  28 [] James 1-5

13 [] Galatians 4-6                  29 [] I Peter 1-5

14 [] Ephesians 1-3                 30 [] II Peter / Jude

15 [] Ephesians 4-6                 31 [] I/II/III John

16 [] Philippians 1-4

Three Tips For Building Up Your Family

Published / by Brian

Idea One – Use Keys for Kids for a daily family time.  You can pick up a sample copy at the church and Clothing Closet. An order form allows you to get them regularly by mail.  Or access their website for the daily devotional.  Their website also offers safe games for your children to play online.

Idea Two – Read a proverb from the Book of Proverbs in the Bible each day with your family for instruction in wise living.  Topics include work, speech, family, friendship, money, justice, and much more.  You can access the Book of Proverbs online or get a free Bible from the church.  Individual proverbs start in chapter 10.

Idea Three – Get connected with a local church.  In a world that is becoming more and more unfriendly toward the family, your local church offers numerous opportunities to help build up your family.  In addition to the various ministries found here, the church offers a context for mutual encouragement and growth.  Learn from others who have gone before you as you tackle tough parenting struggles and other issues in life.  And maybe you can help someone else as they go through something you have already faced.  Most importantly, the church is a place where you can learn more about Jesus – the only one who can free you from the shame and guilt of your past failures, and give you strength and hope to be the mom or dad, husband or wife or single or child that God made you to be.

Build Up Your Family

Published / by Brian

Build Up Your Family at Pomona Bible Church!

Sunday School – We have classes for all ages meeting every Sunday at 10 a.m. for instruction in faith and life.

Worship Service – With the family fragmented by age so much of the time, our Worship Service is designed for the entire family to worship together. Special bulletins for the children help them follow along.  You’ll be amazed by what they pick up!  Every Sunday at 11 a.m.

Family Faith Builders – Families meet every third Sunday during the school year at 1:00 p.m. after a simple lunch.  Our newest ministry features fun songs and a monthly theme with stories and skits for the entire family. 

Youth Walk – The youth (7th-12th Grade) meet on second and fourth Sundays during the school year at 1:30 p.m. after a simple lunch to discuss faith and life. Monthly activities include a hike, winter retreat, skiing, service projects, and more.

Men’s Life Group – The men meet every other Thursday at 7 p.m. at Papano’s near Crystal Mountain.  This Fall, the men will focus on how to overcome destructive habits that hurt the family.

Ladies Life Group – The ladies meet weekly in a home to share life together and grow together.  Resumes this Fall – day and time to be announced.

Fellowship Activities – Game nights, talents shows, picnics, campfires, hikes, and more – fun monthly activities for the entire family.

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