Children’s Ministry

At Pomona Bible Church, we want to encourage parents to raise their children in the way of the Lord.  We have numerous resources available to help parents fulfill their parenting role, including family worship books, devotionals, storybooks, and DVD’s.  At the church, we have a number of opportunities for children to worship, learn, and fellowship, as a supplement to what they are getting in the home:

Children’s Sunday School is every Sunday at 10 a.m.  This Fall, they will be starting The Gospel Project, a curriculum designed to help kids dive deep into the big story of the Bible – God’s plan to rescue His people through His Son, Jesus Christ. 

The children are included in our Worship Service.  We want the whole family to be able to worship together.  Children are encouraged to sing along as we praise God.  Children’s Bulletins are available each week to help the children follow along during the sermon.  Parents are encouraged to review the bulletin with their children to help their children grow from the message.  The bulletin is also designed to teach our children how to listen to a sermon.  A portion at the bottom of the bulletin also previews next Sunday’s sermon so parents can prepare their children for the upcoming message.

There are also several Fellowship Activities for the entire family throughout the year that the children enjoy.