Christmas Services

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You are invited to our:

 Christmas Services
Sundays at 11 a.m.
December 17 – Great Joy!
December 24 – A Giving Love

Christmas Eve Service
Sunday, December 24 at 5 p.m.
Christmas goodies at 5:00
Candlelight Service at 5:30-6:30


Missions Trip Presentation

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One of our members, Krystal Bancroft, traveled to Romania and Ukraine this summer on a three-week missions trip. Her main task was to help with a large Bible camp for young people. Krystal will be sharing about her trip, the camp, and what God did while she was there on Sunday, September 10, at 11 a.m. at our church.

Baptism Service

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This past Sunday, we baptized Caleb.  After an opening prayer and song celebrating our hope in the Lord, the pastor reviewed the pattern for baptism.  Then Caleb confessed his faith in the saving work of Jesus – that Jesus died to pay for his sins and rose again to give him a new life today and a certain hope for his own future resurrection.  He confessed his desire to follow the Lord all the days of his life.  Based on his confession, he was baptized; and we celebrated together his victory in Jesus.


Three Tips For Building Up Your Family

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Idea One – Use Keys for Kids for a daily family time.  You can pick up a sample copy at the church and Clothing Closet. An order form allows you to get them regularly by mail.  Or access their website for the daily devotional.  Their website also offers safe games for your children to play online.

Idea Two – Read a proverb from the Book of Proverbs in the Bible each day with your family for instruction in wise living.  Topics include work, speech, family, friendship, money, justice, and much more.  You can access the Book of Proverbs online or get a free Bible from the church.  Individual proverbs start in chapter 10.

Idea Three – Get connected with a local church.  In a world that is becoming more and more unfriendly toward the family, your local church offers numerous opportunities to help build up your family.  In addition to the various ministries found here, the church offers a context for mutual encouragement and growth.  Learn from others who have gone before you as you tackle tough parenting struggles and other issues in life.  And maybe you can help someone else as they go through something you have already faced.  Most importantly, the church is a place where you can learn more about Jesus – the only one who can free you from the shame and guilt of your past failures, and give you strength and hope to be the mom or dad, husband or wife or single or child that God made you to be.